UpJaunt is a new kind of travel app, made for sharing and discovering all that the world has to offer. 

Photo by Thiébaud Faix


Even if most of us can’t travel right now, this is the perfect time to celebrate the many interesting corners of the world that we hope to get back to visiting soon. Come explore with us on the UpJaunt app.


Whether you're daydreaming about a trip or looking for something fun to do nearby, we'll help you find the perfect jaunt  and make it easy to get going.  Browse the map or search by interests, and you'll find a jaunt near you that suits your mood.

Or create your own jaunt from a past trip with your favorite images, locations and travel tips so your friends and our community can find those genuine, special places that we curious travelers appreciate.

Photo by Steven Lewis

What's A Jaunt?

A jaunt is a short itinerary and it's the best way to find or share a travel story. 

We are so excited about showing you the brand new release of our app. Our team of avid travelers has designed the app to make it easier to travel spontaneously and quickly find cool things to do wherever you may find yourself.  We also wanted a way to better share our travel experiences and recommendations with friends, family and fellow travelers. 

Try the app and let us know what you think by emailing us at We are dreaming big and working on many new features to be added in the coming year.

The UpJaunt app is completely free (and might even save you some money!) It is available for iPhone and Android.

Check out the posts on our Travel Journal to get to know us better. We'll be sharing our thoughts on travel, favorite jaunts and destinations, tips for the savvy traveler, and of course the latest news about UpJaunt and our app.

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