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jaunt /jônt/

noun  a short excursion or journey for pleasure. ("her little jaunt in France was over")
verb go on a short excursion or journey for pleasure.( "they went jaunting through Ireland")

​A jaunt describes is a short itinerary in beautiful visual form.  When you create a jaunt, you become a jaunter. Find a jaunt that suits your mood, whenever you want, wherever you are.  Browse our suggestions or use the map to look for jaunts in any destination.

Share your own travel adventures and tips by creating new  jaunts. Creating a jaunt is easy. It makes the story more engaging and useful when you share. Tell us about that perfect little adventure: upload media from your phone’s camera roll and explain what makes each experience interesting.  Publish your jaunt and invite friends, fans to check it out and share their own. The best part is you can quickly fire off a jaunt, collect feedback and update your story. we will update your followers.

Discover jaunts & blogs around the world

Our jaunts are shared by savvy jaunters, like you and those local insiders. Our jaunters are adding more jaunts  all the time. AI personalizes discovery to you.

Map search & exploration 

Serendipitously discover other things to do in that location.

Create your own jaunts to share your travel

Upload media from your phone, and tag locations, topics, interest, and moods.


UPJAUNT is travel personalization and storytelling, experience monetization, and organic selling through travelers as micro-influencers. We make it simple for individuals, businesses, and communities to connect around authentic, meaningful experiences with the shared goals of deepening and enriching life beyond travel

UPJAUNT makes personalized travel buying, and selling, a reality. We support the future of AI driven travel with a focus on meeting human needs: building cultural communities and global awareness through travel sharing and connection.


We believe it’s to learn, to experience, and to connect. Travel is made possible by communities around the world committed to sharing culture, language, hospitality, and unique ways of living. Ultimately, travel is about going to new places, both physically and mentally. And, through people’s stories, we learn about the world without leaving home. What stops us from doing that right now? UPJAUNT helps to facilitate the richness of travel 24/7/365.

Find out what UPJAUNT customers have to say about the app. 


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