Be the one who can always answer the question, "What should we do next?"

Photo by Yunming Wang


jaunt /jônt/

noun  a short excursion or journey for pleasure. ("her little jaunt in France was over")
verb go on a short excursion or journey for pleasure.( "they went jaunting through Ireland")

​A jaunt is a short itinerary with a few stops that can be visited within a couple of hours.  Find a jaunt that suits your mood, whenever you want, wherever you are.  Browse our suggestions or use the map to look for jaunts in any destination.


Share your own travel adventures and tips by creating new  jaunts. Creating a jaunt is easy. Tell us about that perfect afternoon adventure: upload photos from your phone’s camera roll and explain what makes each place interesting.  Publish your jaunt and invite friends to check it out (and share their own.)

Discover nearby places you'll love.

Our jaunts are crowdsourced by savvy travelers and local insiders. Our jaunters are adding more jaunts  all the time.  

Create your own jaunts to share your travels.

Upload photos from your phone, and add captions. You’ll be able to set the locations and view the whole jaunt on a map.

Save your favorites to daydream or just go.

Even if you’re not on a trip right now, you can add a jaunt to your list and be ready later with options to inspire you nearby.


Combining the best of Instagram, Trip Advisor, Google Maps and ecommerce for travel communities, UpJaunt simplifies travel storytelling for community sharing, planning and tailored curation. All travelers need are vivid images from their camera rolls and a story they would like to tell.  Browse and bookmark our rich, authentic, streamlined travel experiences created by travelers and tastemakers.

"Tourists don't know where they've been, travelers don't know where they're going.”   – PAUL THEROUX



Travel isn't just about getting from one place to another, or checking off Instagrammable locations on your bucket list. It's about experiencing how people live,  in a place that's outside your normal routine and maybe your comfort zone.  We want to connect you with what makes a place unique and genuine.


Armchair travel is fun, and some  of us love trip research,  but nothing beats that moment when you stumble into the most memorable afternoon of the trip purely by chance.  We designed the UpJaunt app to inspire you at any time, but especially on the spot (perhaps when you take a wrong turn and decide to change your plans).


Connect with fellow travelers and navigate the new normal. Let's join together to share ideas and tips about where we've been and where to go next - and how to do it safely and responsibly.  We all care deeply about the places  and people we've interacted with around the world. We want to help them through this tough period so we can see them all again soon.

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