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Tech worker/musician who enjoys traveling to beaches and ancient cultures

"As a mostly solo traveler, it can be meaningful to have travel memories that only I experience. But you do still want to share them with others in some way. With UpJaunt, I enjoy sharing some of my individual experiences with other travelers who can retrace my steps and create their own memories.


And as a traveler, I love browsing the world in UpJaunt's map view and finding other travelers' recommendations. It creates a travel planning experience that is both serendipitous and personalized." - Sam





I’m a mechanical engineer & a polyglot

"I like it when there’s an app creatively tailor made for travelers, especially those that seek hidden adventures. It’s nice to share these special jaunts with others, those who love exploring this way! UpJaunt has it, and I like this app!"- Hari

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Tech entrepreneur at the intersection of AI & Yoga 

"Somehow the thought of deliberately crafting luck in Life, or serendipity in my travels, has always fascinated me. The way of Yoga gives us the possibility of tilting these odds in our favor. When an app like Upjaunt provides us with exactly these kinds of magical micro-experiences, it becomes more than a portal, and akin to a wormhole for the intrepid traveler." - Srini



A DevOps engineer who enjoys hanging out with friends, reading good books, and sports, especially skiing. 

UPJAUNT gives us a chance to share our travel stories in some other way. You can write your small story like a blog without launching your own blog page.


You can find some small destination which is not so popular (in a commercial way), but there is some travel enthusiast who shared it on UPJAUNT and it gives us a chance to hear about that place. Small, undiscovered, nature places are always very nice to visit.

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