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All Clear for a Travel App Launch: Earth Day Brings Us Together

Updated: Apr 29

Today marks Earth Day’s 50th anniversary and this year feels extra special. We’re all social distancing, many of us are working from home, and cars are getting a break from their usual commutes. While we’re collectively learning to navigate the current global pandemic, we’re also taking notice that the air seems a bit cleaner, the waters a bit more clear. In India, for instance, the rugged peaks of the Himalayas are visible to the residents of Punjab for the first time in thirty years. 

There’s no doubt we miss one another, and we long for the day that we can move more freely again, but what can we learn from this?

At UpJaunt, we’ve been focused on launching our product, which is first and foremost a travel app. And while it’s turned out to be an uncertain time to be launching anything, let alone an app meant to help you travel, we see this as an opportunity to reimagine how we move around the world. Maybe it’s time to go on that solo camping trip to the woods you’ve been thinking about for years. Or, why not reinvent the whole idea of a staycation? While many restaurants are closed, we can take trips to our local markets for ingredients for a new pasta dish, or we might finally learn to roll sushi in the comfort of our homes. Or what about upping your baking game? Maybe now we can learn to celebrate other cultures more deeply by studying their cuisine, customs, and rituals. Why is bread so popular in France?? So, while at the moment we aren’t able to connect physically, we are able to connect through stories and histories, and hopefully arrive someplace new, even if we aren’t traveling now. 

With this perspective, we are more excited than ever to share the UpJaunt app with you, and we think you’ll find the storytelling features are a meaningful and fun way to express how important travel is to you. We all have photos on our camera rolls from past trips just sitting there waiting to be shared. Sharing your stories is easy too. Just download the app, create a profile, and select some of your best pics. Write a caption to let others know why it’s one of your favorite spots. It might be good for us all to take a trip down ‘vacation’ memory lane. We’d love to know why Bologna is your favorite city in Italy!

Bologna - Photo by Nicole Ferzoco on Unsplash

While everything is slowed, I’ll be thinking of small changes I can make to help reduce my carbon footprint. Maybe I’ll plant that garden I’ve been wanting to plant for years, or start a petition to get compost pickup going in my neighborhood. If you need ideas on actions you can take during the pandemic to help protect the environment, check out these tips from the official Earth Day website.

Also, if you have photos you’d like to share, either from past trips, or maybe of your city’s skyline looking more pristine than usual, and you’d like to show them off, tag us on Instagram or Twitter or upload them as a jaunt directly in the app.

Stay well!

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