• Tabitha McKinney

Lunch at the New Orleans Airport Because Why Not?

Travelers and non-travelers can now experience some classic New Orleans eateries at Louis Armstrong Airport (MSY). With at least 24 hour advance notice, a non-passenger can request a day pass granting them access to Mopho, Cafe du Monde, Cure, or Leah’s Kitchen (namesake of legendary Leah Chase who passed earlier this year). These are just a few of the many tempting options located in the new North Terminal.

I have never taken a trip to the airport just to eat lunch, BUT when a friend asked for a ride, I thought I’d do double duty and check out at least one of the new spots at MSY while I was there. I decided to try Cure, as the flagship location on Freret always does such a nice job of serving up impressive cocktails and small bites. Keeping it light, I ordered a low ABV Aperol Spritz (with a few cubes of ice — it was 78 degrees in December) and the Curry Lettuce Wrap.

Not long after my first sip of spritz, a gentleman named Tim sat down next to me — he was flying back home to Cleveland. After commenting on the cubes of ice in my wine, he asked if I knew what MSY stands for. Embarrassed, as a New Orleans native (albeit newly), that I didn’t know, I immediately googled it. As Tim and I talked, I learned that his family was originally from Achill Island off the west coast of Ireland and he hopes to visit his roots there soon; the pristine, Blue Flag beaches of the island are another lure. Tim’s great grandparents immigrated to the United States during the potato famine of the mid-19th century. His grandmother later became a big Cleveland Indians fan, and as a kid, he remembers her pulling out her rosary during the games and saying Hail Marys to repent for the curse words she’d let fly when the team was playing less than well. Tim and I chatted a bit longer before he had to take off to catch his flight. And as for myself, I had a lunch to eat.

Turns out MSY stands for Moisant Stock Yards, in honor of John Bevins Moisant, a famed aviator who crashed in a nearby field while attempting to win the Michelin trophy in 1910. Aviation has come a long way since then, but the thrill of flight and travel remains the same. While I wasn’t actually traveling this particular day, I was reminded of why I love to travel; and Achill Island is now on my list of must visit places! Where are you going next?!

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