• Tabitha McKinney

Music Makes Us Feel Better: A Jazz Fest Playlist for You

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, scheduled for April 23-May 3 this year, was officially canceled yesterday. The festival, commonly known as Jazz Fest, has a lot to do with why I moved to New Orleans in 2018. It’s an annual music ritual that attracts both locals and travelers from all over the world. So, in the spirit of the festival, I created a jaunt in the UpJaunt app near the fairgrounds (where the festival is held), which takes you down Bayou Road, the oldest street in the city.

What’s a jaunt? A jaunt is a short trip for pleasure, and I think we’re all looking for some kind of escape from the current day-to-day, even if it’s only a quick mental break. 

Check out the Tacos & Vinyl jaunt in the app here

Pagoda Cafe is one of my favorite spots for breakfast tacos and Domino Sound Record Shack has something in its bins for everyone. They might be closed temporarily, but you should plan to check them out the next time you find yourself in New Orleans.

Breakfast tacos from Pagoda Cafe

Domino Sound Record Shack

As a New Orleans local, I’m of course going to miss Jazz Fest this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy some of the music from the artists who were set to take the stage. I created a jaunt playlist with songs from some of the performers who were going to headline this year’s festival. First on the list, Lizzo's Truth Hurts. Take a listen on Spotify.

Spring is here! Put your headphones on and roll out a blanket in the backyard, or take a solo stroll. Allow yourself to be transported to another time and place. And if the mood strikes you, create your own playlist and share it with us on Spotify, Facebook, or Twitter. And don’t forget to download the UpJaunt app to start creating your own playlist-worthy jaunts. 

Stay well!



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