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Updated: Apr 15

Launching a Travel App During a Global Pandemic

March started out very exciting for us. UpJaunt was about to launch our travel app. Our pilot had been running since the summer and we were finally ready to open it up to travelers and creative storytellers around the world. Then the full impact of COVID-19 on individuals, families, small businesses, and entire economies came into full view in a matter of days.

I’m still processing it all.

We did some amazing work around trip planning, discovery, and sharing. I still can’t wait to share all these features we’ve created — but it’s not something that travelers and the businesses that support them need at the moment.

The path ahead?

The disruption to our plans at UpJaunt are far less serious than the life and death realities being faced by the people of Northern Italy, Spain, China, and the U.S., and in many cities around the globe.

We intend to get through this and come out the other side of the pandemic (and likely recession) as a company laser focused on supporting the travel industry’s recovery.

Photo by Alex Vasey on Unsplash

Now, I see the potential of our platform in a new light. We are investing in the features that help people share what they love about a place, its buildings, its food, its music, its people. Sharing what you loved about your last trip to Milan will inspire someone to visit the region and help it recover once this is all over, because this will all be over one day. Maybe an outcome will be that we’ll travel more thoughtfully than ever before — we are all part of the recovery. And our future travel will help bring the hardest hit places back.

We’d love to hear your stories from your favorite destinations — download the UpJaunt app to create your own jaunts, or send us an email at, and we’ll gladly help. Now especially, we can work together to keep stories, and our hopes of traveling again soon, alive.

If you need some inspiration during these strange times, check out this New Orleans jaunt by Cubs The Poet. Treasured as one of the most soulful cities in the world, New Orleans is a place of community, poetry, and resilience, and it knows what it means to come back, again and again.

Photo by Amy Dickerson

Stay well,

Sanjay Co-founder, UpJaunt



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